One Year

I just hit my one year anniversary of the show! That is pretty damn cool!! I wasn’t sure when I started the show how long it would/could last or what direction it would take and here I am a year later!

So this is just a quick note to say THANK YOU ALL for the support and the downloads and let’s continue to grow The Bar Star Podcast in 2019!!

You guys are awesome! And if you’re new here, what are waiting for? Go check out some shows, or as I say at the end of every episode… Go Do Some Shit!!

Steven OReilly

I am proud to announce that Louisville Music Studios is now an official sponsor of The Bar Star Podcast! How cool is that! Really cool and if you haven’t checked out my episode with David Payne, owner of LMS, what are you waiting for?

They’re doing cool things over at LMS so you should check them out as soon as musically possible. LMS is the place for all your rehearsal needs!

Louisville Music Studios

4220 Trio Avenue Louisville, KY 40219


Steven OReilly

We all have friends, some are closer to us than others but we all have them. Make sure you take an extra second to tell them you love them because they can be gone in the blink of an eye. A very good friend of mine passed away last week and it left a hole in my life. He was a great dude and I was fortunate enough to have told him I loved him a few days before he passed. Take the time, make the time and share your time. Good friends don’t come along every day so cherish them and the time you have with them. Tell someone you love them today.

Jamie Bruce Harris. December 13, 1972 - October 25, 2018. Rest easy, my friend.

Steven OReilly

Well, well, well… I FINALLY have a website. Looks like I’m moving up in the world. Not really, but it looks good typed out. Make sure you check back often for updates on the show, what’s going on and all kinds of good stuff!

Steven OReilly